I am broadly interested in using natural history and quantitative ecology to inform conservation. The systems I have worked in range from the most understudied lake in Africa (Lake Turkana, Kenya) to one of the best-studied seabird colonies in the world (Punta Tombo, Argentina). I am particularly interested in understanding how variability - across individuals, space, and time - influences ecosystem function. I recently joined the Environmental Studies Department of Gettysburg College as Assistant Professor of Marine Ecology.


I'm originally from Queens, NY and have mastered the art of making rainbow cookies and egg creams. In my spare time, I like to do anything that involves food, learning, the outdoors, or my pair of adopted parrots.

Natasha J. Gownaris

Department of Biology

University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195-1800

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"I really like the ocean and the inhabitants, that live there. With people ruining our natural resources, everyday, I would like to think that I could do something to help our environment"

N.J. Gownaris, Age 9

"I don't have too many dislikes but I really hate pork chops and hamburgers"

Also N.J. Gownaris, Age 9