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    Instructor (2014)


    Stony Brook University, NY (100-level)

    70 student course, majors and non-majors

    Instructor (2014)

    Women in Science and Engineering

    Stony Brook University, NY (100-level)

    6 student course, first-year women scientists/engineers

    Co-Instructor (2014)

    Environmental Problems and Solutions

    Stony Brook University, NY (300-level)

    45 student course, upper-level

    Assisted in Course Development/

    Guest Lecturer (2010)

    Marine Conservation

    Stony Brook University, NY (500-level)

    30 student course, graduate level


  • Session Leader and Developer (2018)

    Burke Museum Girls in Science Camp

    Postdoc Representative (2018-2019)

    UW Biology Diversity & Equity Committee

    STEM Ambassador (2017, 2018)

    Edmond’s District Annual STEM Expo

    Volunteer (2016, 2017, 2018)

    Polar Science Weekend

    Volunteer (2016, 2017)

    Bird Day at the Burke

    Volunteer Grant Writer (2012-2017)

    New York’s Priceless Parrot Preserve

    Vice President (2011-2012)

    School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences Graduate Student Club

    Service & Outreach

  • Lead Spatial Analyst (2017-2019)

    Ocean Sanctuary Alliance

    10x20 Initiative

    Coordinator (2018-2019)

    Pew Marine Fellows Program

    Marine Protected Area Working Group


    Consulting Researcher (2014)

    Seafood Watch

    Tilapia Production in Colombia

    Expert Working Group (2015)

    Seafood Watch

    Management Considerations for Exceptional Species Groups 

    Volunteer (2011-2014)

    Shinnecock Bay Restoration Program

    Member (2011)

    Stony Brook Forage Fish Task Force